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Mid-Year Update

I decided to change my username to Winterwish for consistency, and since I use LJ more than first expected. (Vaporeon_07 was a name more recognised for big sales and GAs, which I no longer provide due to rising shipping costs.)

The collection site was updated a while ago, and I will be gradually replacing some of the images with better ones. Click the banner below to go there:

What Else?Collapse )

Collection Highlights: 2012

With the addition of these core items, I am slowing down on the expansion of my collection. :>
A big thanks to everyone who sold to me and provided information about these!
There'll be better photos put up on my collection site... eventually.

Link To New Feedback Section

Clear Eevee Evolution Kids - Main collection has been completed since I got the full set of these.

Minicots - 59/60. It seems like I am missing a Pikachu. I'm happy with what I've gathered, though. :P

Pokedoll Bubble stickers - So full of awesome.
Amada stickers - Full set? :>

Collection Site

I threw one together yesterday. It contains photos of everything I have in my collection!
Useful for updating wishlists, trades and general observation. :P

~Collection Here~

Princess Debut

Natsume released another dating simulation game after Harvest Moon. Yeah, I only got around to playing it now after being vaguely interested in it a few years ago. Shall we review? :3
Caution: [Spoilers!] [Ranting!]

[Rambling, Hints, Etc.]Collapse )

Pokemon White

I have the rom, and I have patched it with an Experience gain enabler. So far it works like a dream, except that I can't read Japanese.
The patch has allowed me to play the game with no freezing at all.

I'm going to write down some thoughts on Pokemon White as I play it for future reference.
Caution: [Spoilers!] [Ranting!]

[Thoughts, Hints, Etc.]Collapse )

Collection Pictures + Feedback Threads

Yes, I finally managed to take pictures of some of my collection! I'm mostly an Eevee evolution and Ninetales collector, though I have a few side collections (such as Milotic). If you have anything I'm missing on what's left of my wishlist, please let me know.

I'm open to trades - Kids, Amadas, anything I might be interested in. :D

And, here are the links where you can go to leave me Feedback. /^^/
I have added myself to the pkmncollectors Feedback thread
here since my old Feedback section seems to be a little too obscure for buyers/sellers to find. :]

Additionally, my Ebay feedback can be found
here. Thanks for visiting!

NOTE: Australia Post has jacked up their bulky shipping rates EVEN HIGHER!

For less than 250 Grams:

Australia - $5
Asian Countries - Around $9.00
U.S/Canada - $9.55 
U.K/Spain/Sweden - $11.35

Over 250 Grams:

U.S/Canada - $15.70

Even a flat envelope within Australia costs $1.60 because they NO LONGER calculate by thickness! D:
They go purely by weight now - which means anything I post which is not paper flat is going to cost a lot. Unless perhaps if I just put stuff in an envelope and put it in the mail box, rather than actually going into the Post Office. Hmmm...

Collection PhotosCollapse )

Wishlist Ordering

A lot of the items on my Wishlist have been acquired recently, so I thought I'd order some of the remaining items by priority. This should make it easier for me to remember which items I should be looking out for first in auctions and trades. So, here we go!

**Please see here for recent wishlist updates**

-This Wants List Was Last Updated: Feb 2012


{C}{C}1) *Clear Vaporeon Attack Kid* - GET!
{C}{C}2) *Clear Espeon Attack KidGET!
3) *Clear Foot-Up Raichu Kid
4) *Clear Original Espeon Kid* GET!
5) Clear Umbreon Attack Kid
{C}{C}6) Vulpix-Ninetales Zukan  GET!
7) Original Ampharos Clear Kid  GET!
8) Mareep Clear Kid -
[Does Not Exist?]
9) Milotic Water Squirter Bandai GET!
10) Pokemon Power Magazines - Complete 6 Set
11) Clear Surskit Kid  GET!
12) Clear AttackSkarmory GET!
13) Eevee Evolution Dice GET!
14) Vaporeon Minico GET!
15) Jolteon Minicot GET!
16) Flareon Minicot GET!
17) Clear Attack Jolteon Kid GET!
18) Clear Attack Flareon Kid GET!
19) Eevee Minico GET!
20) Pokedoll Bubble Stickers (Eevee Evolutions)

*Also: I am addicted to Amada stickers of my favourite Pokemon in 'new' poses. I bought out a few sticker albums and marvelled at all the gorgeous art. Let me know if you have any, even if it's just for a scan or photo.*
And various Pokemon Dice - Especially if they are available already painted. (I have unpainted versions of Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon currently.)


1) Espeon Tomy Keychain
2) Flareon Battle Museum Figure
3) Glaceon Chupa Chup Figure
4) Jolteon Jakks Figure
5) Flareon Jakks Figure
6) Espeon Battle Museum Figure
7) Flareon Chibi Figure
8) Clear Leafeon Kid
9) Clear Glaceon Kid
10) Shiny Glaceon Kid
11) Espeon Chupa Chup Figure
12) Umbreon Chupa Chup Figure

13) Lapras Suction Cup Figure
14) Lapras Water Squirter - Bandai
15) Banpresto Arcanine Figure
16) Arcanine Line Zukan
17) Dragonair Line Zukan

18) Espeon Pokedoll Charm
19) Umbreon Pokedoll Charm
20) Clear Pidgeot Attack Kid


1) Pidgey Bell Plush
2) Vulpix 151 Badge
3) Ninetales 151 Badge
4) Eevee Cooking In-Case Figure
5) Eevee Evolution Print Letter Set (One Sheet)
6) Dragonair 151 Badge
7) Pidgey Line Zukan

8) Nidoqueen Line Zukan
9) Lapras Pokedoll
10) Clear Articuno Attack Kid

Game Party Pool

Because I like to procrastinate rather than study, here's an assembly of all the Pokemon that I make sure I own in every RBY/GSC/RSE/DPP/HGSS game I play. Now I'll never have trouble choosing my party again! /^^/

These are in no particular order, although the Pokemon near the top are generally more frequently used.

The Eevee evolutions are all there so they can be together, I actually rarely use Flareon or Leafeon.
My current main party always contains a female shiny Ninetales of the Nasty Plot-Hypnosis variety. :]



Flareon Complete

Remind me never to try and eat old vegetarian pie again. Three bites caused 5 days of fever and terrible illness!
I've got too much stuff to catch up on to continue with this project now, so my Vaporeon Remake probably will have to wait until December...
But, Flareon is finished - it's drying now:

Finished with my YJ! spree as well, I won another Eevee set zukan - but including Espeon/Umbreon this time! However, I lost a clear Espeon Kid lot at the last minute. Expecting a huge invoice soon... ^^"