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General Sales FAQ

All sales rules can be found below:


-Please Read-


1. Postage is from Australia.
$3.50 for standard flat shipping (anything under 2cm thickness) worldwide.

Postage within Australia is $1.50 flat shipping.

2. Please send all payments via Paypal.

(Bank deposit available for those in Australia.)


3. LJ members: Please put your username + what you ordered in your payment notes.

4. I cannot be responsible for damaged or lost items once they are in the postal system.
Standard shipping does not include tracking of any kind.
(Please ask about insurance or registered mail costs if concerned about your mail being lost.)


5. I ship at least once weekly via Air Mail, but usually ASAP on most days.

6. Please leave Feedback! I will return all Feedback. :>


7. Priority goes to early payers, estimated shipping time to the US is 10 business days.
Sorry, there are no holds. I will pack and ship ASAP according to Paypal receipts.

8. Due to our high shipping costs, I cannot offer returns or exchanges!
Please contact me if you have a problem with your order and we will respond to your issue ASAP.

Thanks for reading!~
Any further concerns or questions, please send me an email or PM. :3


December Charms

The first set of original charms are finally ready to go!


*Note: Ninetales comes in both normal and shiny forms. Please specify which one you prefer in your order. :D
These are metal charms with clasps, roughly 2.5cm tall, single-sided with a stamp on the back. They are not official, but began as pencil sketches drawn by me before being cast into charms.
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Yukiyo, Trainer ID

New + Available Extra Charms

I was expecting my custom Raichu and Ninetales charms to arrive in October, but there have been several production issues this time around. At this point, I'd be lucky to receive them in November. More likely I'll be seeing them in December or even January if I'm really unlucky.

I'll be organising and listing all items I make at DeviantArt and my online store. These will hopefully show a nice history of all my projects. :3 Links to both of these are below:

Square-KoraCat   New-KoraCat-Icon

They will be updated as soon as I receive available extras for purchase. ^^
I'd also like to thank everyone who bought from me! Without all of you, I wouldn't be able to continue funding these projects.


Pokemon White 2

Yes, I finally got around to loading this new game onto my NDS! :)
Without further delay, here are some of my thoughts on Pokemon White 2.

Caution: [Spoilers!] [Ranting!]
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